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Hey! I'm an artist and you can be too! Dandy Warhol by Synapse Circuit. 
This is a fantastic reworking of the Page Setup interface!
It's great that you can specify the colour value of the page / project. 


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Good hour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? I hope that all is well with you! This month is hurtling to its end! Soon enough it’ll be Xmas! Yay!

Have you looked at the state of Adobe lately? Can Adobe fall any further? Why don’t they just bring their prices down to a reasonable price instead of this monthly rental? Anyway, if you want to get into illustration and you’re looking for outstanding software at a reasonable price then check out...

Illustration, the subject matter will either fill you with fear or with glee! Fear because not many people understand the interface of the mighty Adobe Illustrator as readily as the photo editing / manipulation software Photoshop. Getting to grips with new software can be confusing and frustrating. Oh, and if you’re going down the Adobe route, it can be very expensive for older versions of the program or go the monthly rental route (that’s nuts)!

The beauty of DrawPlus X6 – especially if you are already familiar with their other products such as Page and Photo Plus – is that the interface is quite easy to get to grips with! Even if you weren’t familiar with the aforementioned software from Serif there is a real possibility that you could produce something just by experimenting with the tools!

If you are really lost there are great video tutorials that do a terrific job of getting you started and towards advanced projects!

The interface is very intuitive and, once again, Serif has done a fantastic job of adding great refinement from the start when choosing the paper size along with the colour value (CMYK, RGB) for the project / illustration.

You’ll love tools such as instant 3D that will transform text and any vector into three dimensions!

If you happen to possess a talent for drawing then the only thing missing is a drawing tablet! Using a drawing tablet will make the drawing process natural if you don’t like using the mouse!

As with all Serif’s programs there is so much to DrawPlus X6 – more than meets the eye! For example there are many different types of brushes, clip art, stencils, textures (you can add your own textures) and photographic material can be edited using the built in PhotoLab that saves you from using a separate photo editing program such as PhotoPlus! The CutoutStudio is great for removing backgrounds from subjects. Photo images can also be traced into a vector with varying results.

DrawPlus X6 manages to cater for illustrators of all abilities from the fine artist to a technical illustrator / concept designer. It’s quite an exciting program for anyone with a creative streak and zeal to share the works of art through a domestic and / or professional printer. Stunning results can be had from software that is wonderfully priced within the reach of most!

4.7 / 5


DrawPlus X6 is given a platinum award because it is a fantastic cost effective program that is easy to use and comes with comprehensive tutorials. What’s more is that you can do animations for your website too!

You will LOVE Serif DrawPlus X6!

Imagine that you’ve brought in a photographic image and you have adjusted the brightness and contrast settings... When you wish to, let’s say, cut the main subject out from the background, all the adjustments you’ve made are gone.

It would be useful for the adjustments to be retained when the photo is taken into the PhotoLab and the Cutout Studio.

Another thing I’d like to see is for the cut out image to retain the transparent background when being auto traced into a vector image.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Stay tuned for more reviews to come.

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