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Good early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! 2013 is certainly the year of the Superphone! We’ve seen great offerings from Samsung, HTC and most recently, Google Motorola. And now it’s the turn of LG to take a shot at the title with their G2 which launches later today!


Android 4.3
5.2-inch display 1920 × 1080
2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with Adreno 330 graphics chip
2GB of RAM
32GB internal storage
13MP rear camera
2.1MP front-facing camera
4G / LTE capabilities
Back volume buttons
138.5mm x 70.9mm x 8.9mm thin
143 grams
2,610mAh removable battery

With the above spec we’re looking at a challenge to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the yet unannounced Note 3. There’s no doubt that the G2 is a muscle handset and it is going to appeal to those who want the power and the glory of the phablet! I would want one!

The camera promises to be very, very useful and I can’t wait to review this one!

When I see such handsets pouring out of the Android mothership the more the present iPhone sinks into oblivion. The LG G2 looks set to cause maximum damage and is a definite throw down to Samsung. If you love your muscle phones like I do then I know you want to find out about the Galaxy Note 3. Judging by the pictures above it seems as though there’s a tiny bezel on the G2 and the Note 3 is rumoured to have no bezel at all plus a few variations one of which will feature a flexible display! We all know about the race between those two technological giants to be the first to deliver a handset with the flexible display. LG is rumoured to be ready with such a handset later this year. I think most people are excited that prospect – flexible screens... Wow! Where looking at the realms of Sci-Fi! 

While the future of handsets look like a three-way battle between Samsung, LG and HTC we can’t discount what Apple will come up with! I just get the feeling that they will relent on the screen size and deliver a 4.7” screen and with a bigger screen size there will be a higher spec. I get the feeling that Apple wants to push better cameras (front and back), an improved retina display and a better design; the iPhone design hasn’t changed much at all and a new design is very likely. Watch out! Apple is desperate and desperation means danger!

Most of the innovation in smartphone / superphone comes from Android and it’s going to be interesting to see what the rest of the industry does to keep relevant.

What do you reckon?   

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