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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! What a rainy day in London... The heavens opened up and poured! But despite the rain I had a good day of rest and reading... I guess you must have heard that the President of the United States vetoed a ban on Apple products: iPhone 4 and 3G iPad 2 for infringing upon Samsung patents.

As you know, Apple are quick to launch patent lawsuits against the competition, namely Samsung, and does its absolute best to take competing products of the market. What many people do not realize is that Apple has been losing a few patent and copyright battles themselves. Most consumers don’t care about such details simply because, at the moment, such patent battles have not encroached upon their consumption. This makes me wonder as to how consumers were affected when Samsung tablets were taken off the market in various countries.

Here in the UK we were very fortunate in that Samsung products were never taken off the market; a British patent court ruled in favour of Samsung to say that their tablet did not infringe upon the iPad. Furthermore, Apple was ordered to retract that Samsung had infringed upon the iPad design by placing a notice on the UK Apple site to that effect. Apple couldn't hack it. And quite rightly too from the point of a megalomaniac company that creates its own propaganda machine. Apple’s penchant for denial is truly bizarre and a little frightening...’s as though they can't accept that formidable competition exists. “Music music is being listened to on the iPhone...” And just for good measure... “More photos are taken on the iPhone...” Believe what you will.

Don't throw stones in glass houses. I don't understand how Apple can instigate patent lawsuits while they have also infringed upon the patents of others. It is certainly an odd thing to do. I guess this is the nature of tech. When, as a bully, your victims form a posse to put you in your place you have to accept it. What you don’t do is get your Mom, Pop or teacher to save you from deserved thrashing. And that’s exactly what Apple has done by getting the US President to veto the pan on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 for their infringement on Samsung’s patents. A Presidential veto is no victory for Apple. No! It’s a case of Apple not being able to take its own medicine and therefore they look simply pathetic. This is why I can’t buy into Apple. My Adorable Friend is nearly always trying to get me to buy into the Apple hype, iPhone, iPad and Mac computers and she can never give me good reason to do so. There’s no chance of it now. President Obama can step in to save a company but cannot do anything to save unarmed black children / men from being killed unlawfully by the racist “Stand your ground” law. Would that law work for a black man against a white man?

What does that veto mean for Samsung? Could they be compensated for a direct violation against Apple’s infringement against its patents? One thing is for sure, Apple does not fight fair.

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