Friday, 13 July 2012

Synapse Circuit Issue #01

A true independent tech review magazine…

I am so happy to have gotten the first issue of Synapse Circuit out! It has been long overdue, thank you all for your support! It shows me that true journalism isn’t dead! Phew!

Personally, I have more or less stopped buying tech review magazines because I just don’t like what I have read – it’s almost as if there are a handful of people writing for the same magazines. They review in exactly the same way and, as always, they give certain products high praise unduly! I won’t list the mags. I can’t say that I am bitching; it’s just an observation.

I have spent long hours working on the website… …what you see is the third incarnation of the site! I like it!

Once upon a time…
Yes, once upon a time I used to be employed as a web designer. The heady days where there was once a division of labor! Oh my… …what happened to those days? The days when I could just focus on the look and graphics of the site in something like Dreamweaver and give the results to a coder to add the magic of the MySQL, PHP, CGI, and whatever… If those acronyms don’t mean much to you then welcome to my club! Lol!

If you have any ambition of building a website I will show you the best software that will enable you to do so without all that bothersome code!

Stay tuned! Thanks again for your support!

Blue Gene

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