Friday, 13 July 2012



Do you know what we are? Sleepers… Sleeping agents for whatever agenda – agendas that we may not be aware of! Well, I guess this is the true meaning of a secret agent! If we were the wiser we’d behave differently! A lot of us are asleep; we’re in a dream world!

The advent of the “Social Network” has been a powerful and all encompassing one. It, as we know, pertains to our natural instincts to form bonds with people. But social networking is nothing new! We had this with these messaging clients when the Web (an apt name) was in its infancy where the populous is concerned. Heck, I even met a girlfriend through one of these chat clients! This was shortly before ICQ took off in the way that it did. But I used to like chatting with folk from all over the world! It was amazing and I formed bonds with people that I am sadly no longer in contact with! Yes, I moved to Holland and my Dutch life took over!

Social Networking, before that term was coined, was used by many online businesses in the form of forums! Forums are great for forming an allegiance to a brand, product, etc. The trouble with forums is that it can become a breeding ground for idiocy in the extreme! I have been a veteran of many o’ forums attached to many different things i.e. music software, music communities, design communities and so on. But I have never been there at the start of these forums. When I come along I seem to upset the balance. I have observed that forums quickly establish a clique and they, like the Star Trek Borg, think with a “hive” mind. A hive mindset is not something that I would ever want to a part of. This singles me out as an outsider from the get go! It’s like the Matrix movies where Agent Smith must replicate himself in order assert some odd sense of order… New World Order! Lol! An order of uptight Agent Smiths! God forbid!

Of course, I pose no real threat but this Hive Mind Clique has already made up their collective mind as to who I am and what I represent. The amount of time I have gotten into arguments where they haven’t been able to make any sense, but their actions speak so loud that it is deafening! As individuals they can’t see how they break the forum rules by ganging up on one individual. Whenever they lose an argument they just find something else to dig at! In fact at one point the forum owner had to intervene to state that the moderator had developed her own rules, which had nothing to do with their (the forum owner’s) statement of conduct. These forum “moderators” take it upon themselves to judge others based on their limited intelligence and try to take liberties with others. The Forum Hive Clique is the Invasion of the Body Snatchers! So, don’t fall asleep! Guard your right to think for yourselves!

“Aaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, SPAMMER!!!!” screamed the Forum Hive Clique Body Snatchers earlier today! Why? Ok, I will tell you why…

As you know I have recently put my magazine and website online! And I went to the ‘General’ part of a forum that I used to frequent who trolled me in the past for “Spamming”. Anyway, you are allowed to include your website link in your signature and that’s what I did. Furthermore, someone was asking about how to create a publication that uses the flip / page turn effect. I gave the person some ideas on how to do it and I created a link to my magazine that has the page turn effect and gave that person the way in which I did it. The next thing I know I was cut out of the forum with a message saying, “You have been banned because you are a spammer… Never to return…” I had to laugh because it is so petty and spiteful and so typical of this particular forum!

Some people use the term “SPAM” to cover up their own inadequacies as a group of misfits and as individuals. If they can’t do anything then you can’t either! The problem they seem to have is that I have a PayPal button on my site and some people just don’t like the thought of others being a success – unless it has been sanctioned by the Forum Hive Clique Collective! What’s even more intriguing is that I use the same software they do to create websites. It’s just that I am prevented from showing my site off. Well, if that pleases them… Small minds ‘n’ all! I wonder if the people behind the software are aware of the moderators (sic) actions… This is a reason why I wouldn’t want to have a forum on my site because you just don’t know who you’re letting into your house so to speak! And if I wanted to reach many people with my product / service I would not want a moderator or group of moderators who aren’t able to differentiate “spam” from someone being proud of their work and wanting to share – especially as – in my case – the website was created using the software associated with the forum. I am sure the software makers are losing customers because of a bunch of Forum Fascist Misfits! Oh, well… …that’s their look-out!

Do you know of that experiment whereby people were told to administer an electric shock remotely to someone in another room by an authority figure and increase the dosage to dangerous levels? This experiment was recreated by mentalist extraordinaire, Derren Brown for UK’s Channel 4. Some people were quite happy to dish out the electric shocks to fatal levels despite the (pretend) screams from the anonymous person in another room… But there were those who refused to act on the orders of the authority figure. The Forum Fascist Hive Collective love to dish out the punishment because they are very disturbed people. If you happen to have a forum like that you are in trouble! Don’t ignore it! Don’t be afraid that you’ll lose customers by putting these trolls right! They are too stupid to realize that they are themselves trolls. They are a corrupt police force that has no cut off point. In their Hive Mind they actually think they are doing good. As individuals they are sleepers who only awaken online to their perverse mental, neural projections of who they think they are!

The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of notable social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, which measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience.

Think for yourselves! Don’t join the feeble minded! Celebrate creativity and celebrate those who wish to share! 


  1. love it. Thanks for sharing. I think the last sentence is brilliant and I whole-heartedly agree with your points :)

  2. I have followed Blue on a very long and imensly great journey .....Reading his work and learning something new with each article is amazing ,....I find it alarming to see the bully being just a bunch of not so clever jealous people whom are affraid to welcome new fresh ideas so much so they gang upand drive them of there forums and people are the public so to speak lose out learning in a simple but very effective way .I find it both sad and disturbing that somebody like Blue who has a very great understanding of media and tech but also the ability to help so many understand the things that others sadly forget and he has a friendly positive attitude which draws so many to his work xx BLUE YOUR GIFTED AND I LOVE YOUR WORK AS FOR THE BULLIES WHO ARE IGNORANT TO SEE THE NEEDS OF THE SIMPLE DAILY TASK WE WANT TO LEARN YOU SHOULD ALL TAKE A STEP BACK AND LEARN FROM THIS MAN HIS WHOLE MEANING TO TECH IS IMMENSE .....BLUE YOU ARE SO TALENTED AND I SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY I LOVE YOUR WORK XX MANDY ABBOT ......FB XX