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WOW! It has been a while since I have reviewed Movie Edit Pro… In my most humble opinion, MAGIX has always delivered on professional quality for more than a reasonable asking price. I have had the pleasure of seeing the first MAGIX video editing program emerge from the brilliant Music Maker digital audio workstation way back! See? MAGIX had a video production suite, albeit a little basic, in an easy to use music making software.

Here we are today with Movie Edit Pro Premium… Here’s my review…

In one word, “malleable” pretty much sums up Movie Edit Pro Premium. It is aimed at just about anyone with an imagination and a desire to work with video, producing something worthwhile.
Events Videographer - Weddings, Christenings, Presentations, Live Music, etc. If you are starting a video production business aimed at social events then you’ve saved a good amount of money on the video editing software alone! Thus leaving you with a bit more to spend on hardware. If you are thinking, ‘After Effects’ well, stay tuned…
YouTube/Vlogger - You may have ambitions to become the next YouTube sensation or upload videos to your own website. Movie Edit Pro Premium will do it for you!

Pre-Production - You could be developing an idea for a film/movie and/or TV show/theater play, Movie Edit Pro Premium is self-contained to deliver.

Documentary Producer - With today’s smartphones and concealable video recorders it is so very easy to be the producer of riveting documentaries. Bear in mind the legalities of filming people without their knowledge. You don’t need fanciful fades and wipes to distract from the core message of the documentary.

Music Video Director/Producer - If you want to make simple but professional looking music videos on a shoestring budget then look no further!

The point I am making is that we fancy ourselves as some - if not all - of the above. At £89.99, Movie Edit Pro Premium is within reach of anyone who wants to have a go at professional video production without robbing the bank!

There are movie templates for certain types of genres such as action, drama, documentary, etc. It shows the kind of shots you should be videoing, what should be in the frame, etc. And the edits are in synch with the music soundtrack. This is brilliant!

Then there are some intro and outro animations of the kind that you would expect from After Effects. You can edit the intros and outros titles by the way of choosing a different font and stylings such as a drop shadow and outline, as well as the colour of the font. What’s there is pretty limited but you can download more animations from the Catooh website cost effectively. You can, as you may know, get many stock videos for free from various websites but they often lack the polish to look convincingly professional. You get what you don’t pay for. And then there stock video sites that have great looking material but it’ll cost you a pretty penny! Still, what’s there is very good for someone starting out on YouTube; this person will be very appreciative of the intros, outros, and movie genre templates.

In addition, there are some Dynamic title effects. If you have ever used Movie Edit Pro before, you will know that it comes packed with third party software for titling, image stabilization, colour correcting/matching and an animated globe to present travel routes and a whole lot more besides. These attributes are aimed at the happy amateur, if you are a professional video producer you will recognize that Movie Edit Pro Premium 2017 has what you need to produce videos that will be taken seriously.
Movie Edit Pro Premium proved to be incredibly stable and did not crash throughout my tests. The videos played without stuttering and dragging videos to the timeline was a fluid experience - even though I had programs running in the background!
I find the interface lends itself to mostly painless video production.  

There are a few issues that stood out… You have to be sure to deselect video clips after previewing them because the interface doesn’t recognize when you’ve hit play on the timeline to play/preview the main edit. It was a source of irritation.

The intros and outros are configured in a way that you can’t drag and drop them onto the timeline as you go along. If you want to add an intro, you have to first ensure the edit has a duration beyond 3 seconds. And to add an outro, you have to render the video edit with the intro first, and then bring in that render in, perhaps another project, to add the outro. This can be a pain if you have changed the title typeface and other attributes such as outline, typeface colour and so on.

And some of the effects aren’t as clear cut as I would have liked them to be. It would have been an advantage if there was a way of previewing some effects with example videos.

Oh, you have to purchase an MP4 license extra! It’s a small cost, but after you have downloaded all the extra materials you just want to feel secure in the knowledge that you have everything and that you are good to go off the bat!

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium is an undoubted must have for the budget conscious ambitious video producer.

The extras that come with it is simply amazing when cost is taken into consideration; they, the extra plugins - if you will - appeals to all manner of users. If you have been on holiday and want to make a video out of the experience, the animated globe extra, Vasco da Gama 9 Essential, will be of great use - animations can be rendered in 4K too! There are titling effects by NewBlue to add a bit of polish to your final video.

The audio features are nothing short of excellent! You can easily optimize audio through a virtual mixing desk and master the overall sound as you would for a piece of music.

MAGIX have done it again!

Movie Edit Pro Premium scores a Synapse Circuit Platinum! Thanks for reading!

Synapse Circuit/Blue Gene

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