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Can Samsung pull it off? 

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UK, January 17, 2017,
 I think that I am the only person who thought that what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a good thing for not only Samsung but for consumers who want the best smartphone experience possible! Why? Here goes...

Samsung, as you know and may agree, has had the edge (pun intended) over every other Android premium handset. Samsung caught the ball and has been running with it ever since the Galaxy S. Oddly, Samsung's greatest competitor is Apple and the iPhone and its plus variant. You would have thought that other Android manufacturers would have benefited from the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 but it did not appear to be the case.

What did people do when they couldn't get a Galaxy Note 7? That's right, they went for the iPhone 7 plus. However, judging from the amount of iPhone 7 & plus units that ended up in the Computer Exchange stores here in London, it shows me that the iPhone is no substitute for a Galaxy Note! And look how long Galaxy Note 7 buyers tried to hold on to their recalled GN7! This was/is unprecedented. GN7 owners had to reluctantly give up their unit. So, I know that many, many smartphone enthusiasts are looking forward to the Galaxy S8. I want one already! The anticipation for the Galaxy S8 is out of this world! This, naturally, is a great thing for Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7 looked and felt perfect and the fortunate battery problems created a publicity that has had people constantly talking about Samsung and how they will redeem themselves. There is a lot riding on the Galaxy S8 and also the Galaxy Note 8.

Already, the hype train for the Galaxy S8 is gathering a hypersonic momentum! Me? I would regard myself as a seasoned pro when it comes to Samsung premium handsets. I am not interested into the hype. I am done with all the hype for the Next Big Thing.

I don't know about you but I am expecting Samsung to revolutionize the Android market yet again! Let's face it, Samsung has never quite destroyed the iPhone. Don't misunderstand me. I am not interested in an iPhone vs. Galaxy S and Galaxy Note debate. You love what you love and some of you even have both an iPhone and a Galaxy S or Note model. What I mean is that I want to see a SoC (System on a Chip) that can push in ways we've seen the iPhone can. The SoC situation is not really a Samsung problem... I think the SoC design for Android is down to Google. I want to see Samsung on top of the multitasking and best use of RAM issue. Google really needs to look at enhancing Android some more and to design a more versatile and powerful SoC.

Design-wise, I have faith that Samsung will produce a stunning handset. Camera-wise, I am hoping for an even stronger contender. The camera is the main reason for buying a premium Samsung handset and I have always been pleased with the results whether it be a still photo or video. I have also been pleased with the processing power - to a degree. The RAM management has always been a source of contention. Lag can still be an issue and I do not think this should be the case on such a premium smartphone; not from Samsung!

So, to hell with the hype and yes to the eventual reality of the Galaxy S8 that could come by March or April this year.

For a good while now, I have been hoping to be persuaded by a different Android manufacturer to entice me away from the Galaxy S and Note for my main drivers. I have pretty much given up on HTC as, for some reason, they can't deliver a great camera experience. I almost went for the front-facing speaker design that came with the M8 but the camera ruined the deal for me.

LG... I have to say that LG has come very, very close to a handset that made me think about giving up a Samsung Galaxy S or Note. I do appreciate LG's G and V series.

Lenovo-Motorola has come up with some great handsets i.e. the Moto series in 2016 were very, very good but not as great as they could have been. Again, I think it was a case of the design. I was surprised that Lenovo-Motorolajettisonedd the front-facing speakers design for the Moto range. Why, Lenovo-Motorola, why?

Huawei, has done remarkably well with the P and Mate ranges. I love those designs! But the handsets are lacking a little.

Of course, there are many, many more manufacturers that I haven't mentioned and that's mainly because, here in the UK, we get a limited range of handsets.

It remains to be seen which manufacturer will produce a handset worthy of sharing the same platform of the Galaxy S and Note this year.

Can Apple produce an iPhone 8 and plus that would make traditional Samsung buyers become unfaithful? As you know, the iPhone does not appeal to me. However, the operating system, iOS, is getting better with each new handset... I do fancy those music making apps! So, don't rule it out!

Bring it on!

Thank you for reading!

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