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Cosby. Guilty or not guilty? Should the media be allowed to decide?

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Tell me, what is it about the Interweb and social networking sites that can sometimes bring out the worst in people, huh?

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1. Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene does not condone any sexual misconduct of any nature. Anyone guilty of sexual misdeeds should be punished by law to the fullest extent.

2. Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene do not believe in “different races”. We are one human race. It seems to me that what we often refer to as “race” is skin colour and / or culture. If the human race is to survive we really have to come out of our imprisoned minds.

3. Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene are of the firm belief that one should endeavour to remain dedicated to the truth. Thinking that something is true out of ignorance is still perpetuating lies / falsehood. The truth is exactly what it is. We must tell it and also strive for it.

“F**k off and die!!! You’re probably a rapist too!!!”
While I understand the emotions that comes with the speculation of rape – celebrity or otherwise – there is no excuse for the sentiments as quoted above. No matter how much you or anyone else wants to hurl abuse at someone for not believing in the same thing or things as you do it won’t change what is actually a fact.

The factor in the case of American comedian, Bill Cosby, is that he has not admitted to raping any of the accusers.

Last week I came under fire for pointing the above out... Again, Bill Cosby did not admit to rape. I was involved in a discussion on a social network that became heated when a male and female (who I will keep nameless) were not pleased that my viewpoint differed from theirs.

The male, when he was rumbled for his racism and condescending attitude, decided to have a look through my profile to see what he could find to use to insult me like a big baby. But, hey! Isn’t that what the media does on occasion?

“What about the Quaaludes? You still haven’t said anything about it...” says the male.

Did you see what happened there? It went from Cosby confessing to rape to “What about the Quaaludes?” So, I didn’t have to look at the article to know that Cosby hadn’t confessed to rape / serial rape. The media created the headline to make it appear to their brainwashed masses that Cosby admitted rape / serial rape. If the man had confessed to raping these women that confession would have likely ended with Cosby being held in police custody or something along those lines... In fact the headlines would have read, “Cosby confession has lead to his arrest...” That headline would have been more appropriate and would make sense if that was what had happened.

Through reading the article I have understood that the use of Quaaludes was recreational. I would imagine that it would be consumed in a similar way to marijuana or cocaine... It appeared and still appears to me that Cosby gave Quaaludes to women in the way one might consume alcohol to chill out before participating in sexual intercourse. Again, Cosby did not state, either himself or through his lawyer, that the Quaaludes were used to knock women unconscious for the purpose of rape. Fact! You may not like me for pointing that fact out but that’s not admitting rape.

Yes, of course I would like to see any man or woman prosecuted for proven sexual misconduct. But the article whereby Cosby has admitted to giving Quaaludes to women is not proof of rape. I am sorry to have had to break it to you if you didn’t know that.

I would imagine that Cosby would use a different drug if he had intended to rape women... That drug is Rohypnol; it has been used by many to incapacitate women as it is often slipped in drinks as it apparently has no taste. Cosby is alleged to have stated that Quaalude was the drug in his era, the 70s. The first time I heard about Quaalude was at the time of Elvis Presley's death as it was one of the many prescription drugs he (Presley) took habitually to the point of abuse.

Anyway, such sensationalist and seemingly malicious headlines can have the effect of the consumers wanting blood! It’s like the time when singer Britney Spears was having a meltdown in public (what with shaving her hair off) and there was a bet about the way in which she would die: suicide in the bathtub as portrayed in one of her music videos; car crash or whatever... The bottom line is that people were expecting her to die and when she didn’t I can imagine that those baying for blood felt let down. The same for the late and great Amy Winehouse – people – me included – was anticipating her death. In fact I told a friend whom I bumped into on my travels that, “Amy will probably be next...” Less than a week later she was gone. God rest her soul. I digress a little... ...you get the point I am making, right? The point is, in short, that the media can implant things in our minds whereby we act in accordance to those headlines. A vast majority of us are eating out of the hands of the media. A lot of us believe in what we're told by the "news" and the media in general. Many people stop thinking for themselves as they get on with the daily routine of life.

To be very clear: I did not want Amy Winehouse to die... I felt that it was going to happen... It's different from wanting it happen.

We read, “Cosby raped ex-amount of women... Get him! He’s dangerous to women!” Many of us won’t question it. And when we do question these headlines we get abused. At least I got abused... Lol! Why some people can't reason things out is peculiar. People see in those headlines what they want to see.

Could it be that the media is hounding Cosby because of his perceived race? Maybe... I mean just look at the reaction to prince Andrew in the UK who was said to have allegedly had sex with a minor in an American state that prohibits sex with a 17 year old. Many people thought that this was okay. Here in the UK the legal age is 16 and there are some that want to lower the age of consent further! Many people here in the UK think it is okay for a mature adult to give a 17 year old alcohol and have sex with them. I personally think that this is wrong for a grown man (or woman) - regardless of status to do that. If the law was broken in an American state then the consequences should meted out. The story has gone cold... Gee, I wonder why?

Again, many people in the UK didn’t think too much - if anything - of a royal consorting with a known paedophile that introduced that young woman (of illegal age in an American state) to Andrew. I find that shocking!

However, with Cosby, people all over the world have already condemned the man without due process. There has been no legal trial but by the mass media.

People want Cosby punished on speculation... Okay, it’s more than speculation... But even so the stories around the accusers seem, to me, sketchy. There is one that sticks in my mind whereby one of the accusers waited a whole year before reporting it to the police. Surely, you’d go to the police straightaway and report it thus getting a toxic screening done to identify any drug used for purpose of subduing to commit rape? I would. The media has only portrayed one side of Cosby situation. Whenever a celebrity supports Cosby and his legacy the coverage is nearly always done in a way to give the impression that the celebrity is deluded. And when a celebrity has had a change of mind – probably due to feeling pressurised – it’s bigger news still to say, “Oh, look! Cosby must be guilty because yet another one of his supporters have withdrawn his or her support...”

I think that what is happening looks very, very strange from a legal standpoint... Cosby is being crucified by the media without any evidence against him. Once again, Cosby has not admitted to sexual misconduct when he allegedly stated (probably through his lawyer) that he gave Quaaludes to women like he would give a glass of wine.

Cosby is a powerful man but because he is perceived as a "black" man by a majority of people he may not be as powerful as his "white" contemporaries. I reckon that it would have been so much easier to have reported Cosby for drugging and raping because of institutional racism; I can see that the police would have come down very hard on him. Maybe executed him on the spot. "Cosby shot dead by the police whilst resisting arrest..."

Ideally, there should be a media lockdown when a celebrity is being accused of something very serious such as rape, etc. I don’t think it is right to have a media witch hunt as the law should count for something. 

Just look at what happened when two celebrities passed away...

1. Michael Jackson’s career was dogged by accusations of paedophilia and when he died nothing more was said other than one child was told to falsely accuse Jackson to extort money from him.

Here’s a video and newspaper article on the Jordy Chandler case.


2. When UK radio and TV personality Jimmy Savile died it came out that the once beloved charity fund raiser was nothing like his persona away from the spotlights. The man, if you can call it that, was into all sorts of sick practises that included child rape and necrophilia.

We do not know the full extent of Savile’s sexual misdeeds that is said to include murder!

When there is a time for the media to expose real abuse it’s seldom done. Former child actor Corey Feldman revealed how he and fellow former child actor, Corey Haim, were horrifically abused as children in Hollywood. As far as I know nobody in Hollywood has been brought to justice for Feldman’s and Haim’s horrific abuse at the hands of Hollywood major players. Do I see the media pushing for names to be named in the case of Corey Feldman??? Of course not!

Again, why Cosby? I have come to the conclusion that he’s being destroyed because of the colour of his skin.

Let me be clear... If Cosby is guilty then let the law provide evidence. This media crucifixion is no substitute for the law. I know that some women do not report sexual assault for many reasons. But not all women are the same and would react in the same way. As a man with the kind of personality that I possess I believe that I would go to the police as soon as I were able if I had the misfortune to be raped. I can’t really know what I would do until it happens to me (I pray that it does not and I pray it will not happen to you too). Men have been raped... Jesus H. Christ! Boys have been raped in shopping malls and toilets in broad daylight (here in the UK)! That is crazy! I’ve heard and read stories of how a man was raped by a couple of men hiding in the toilets for example. One part of London became a no go area at night for men in particular. That area was Hampstead Heath. Yes, I am going off on a tangent... Bear with me...

The essence of what I am stating is that powerful "white" men who are accused of sexual and other misconducts remain nameless in the media. For example, in the UK there are a multitude of politicians that have been accused of child sexual rape and one instance of murder but nobody knows who they are. Now these child sexual rapes and murders have been going on for a long, long time... There many survivors who have been trying for decades to have these child raping and murdering politicians arrested. But sadly, these "men" (and women) use their statuses to escape punishment and to remain nameless. Some of these scandals also involve celebrities – cherished household names!

This shows me that it is very likely that Cosby is being destroyed on purpose.

I could speculate as to why Cosby is being destroyed in this very public manner but I feel that is best not to. I ask you, whether you believe Cosby is guilty or not, to do your own research as to why it could be that all these accusations is being played out in the public arena like it is. I feel uncomfortable in branding a man a rapist without a proper legal trial. At least with the Jimmy Savile revelations there were actual witnesses that covered up his trail of horrific child rape, the rape of the physically and mentally incapacitated and more! And sticking with the UK it hasn't escaped my attention that a certain UK celebrity has gone very, very quiet. 

I do wonder if Cosby took advantage of women seeking acting jobs in his productions i.e. the dreaded “Casting Couch”. It may surprise you to understand what a cesspit Hollywood can be. In fact the entertainment business is a cesspit period! If you are a parent of a daughter (or son) the following words will chill you to the bone, “I want to be a singer / Popstar...” Or if you are one of those parents that will push your child or children into abusive situations thinking about the money maybe you would be prepared for your child or children to use his / her body / bodies as currency to claim this fame and fortune.

Just listen to what Irish singer, Sinéad O'Connor, has to say about “frisky men” in the music industry. I think she’s putting it mildly. I know from experience that some young women will “do anything” to become famous. As a result these "producers" expect sexual favours in return for the promise of fame and fortune. The operative word is "promise".

Is that what you want for your daughter or son? Would you want them to be sexually 
harassed just to release a recording? Is it any wonder that some celebrities turn to alcohol and drug abuse as they can't live with what they've done for a career in the entertainment business???

It doesn’t help matters when young women and men willingly offer themselves up in a bid to be famous but they do and will continue to do so. That is the nature of the beast. Are some of the accusers angry because they didn’t advance their careers based on a promise from Cosby? I have no idea.

Beyond that it would be unwise for me to speculate further. The truth always comes out in the end. I just have to wait for the truth – if I ever get to know it in my lifetime. Justice must be served where it is due!

Anyway, calling people names and wishing for them to die isn’t going to bring about that truth. It’s so ironic that dirt throwers do not see that they are acting just like the media.

I will always stand for the truth and I will not be bullied for it and nor should you.

WHAT???? WHO????

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