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Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! As always it is great to see you! I hope that all is well and that your projects are taking off! Watch out for a great competition coming up! Wink, wink! In the meantime I am telling you right now to get a hold of Incomedia WebSite X5 and WebAnimator! Claim your Cyber-Real-Estate with style!

The Google i / O 2015 is so, so great... While it may not look like it on the surface from the consumers point of view there are so many wonderful things that the consumer is going to LOVE! Android is staking out its next billion users! One of the things that I had wanted to see was my Android PC... Alas Google revealed no such thing... But wait... There’s Jide with a Remix of Android... Read on!

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Ever since Google announced the coming of Android 5, Lollipop and its cross CPU capabilities I was expecting the Android PC further down the line... I was half expecting the announcement of an Android PC in one of those little boxes that contains powerful hardware. As you know Google revealed no such thing!

So, I after the i / O 2015 keynote I Googled “Android PC” and low and behold... Jide (from China) and the Remix OS that is based on Android 5 and able to take advantage of the Microsoft compatible PC hardware! I have to say that the combination of the Remix OS and PC hardware will be something to behold! But let’s get practical here...

I think it is pretty much safe to say that the mobile revolution, spearheaded by Google, is way, way in advance. Android M – Muffin and the Internet of Everything, Brillo is going to take things even further! Much further than most of us can imagine!

However, I think that when we think about mobile we are thinking handset and not tablet. The advent of the tablet was supposed to sink the PC but that didn’t quite happen. What we have been witnessing is that the tablet is preferable by a non-productive household in that the tablet replaces a PC that is used mainly to access the InterWeb. So, that explains the fall in PC sales. However, the PC as a gaming, video editing and music making rig is never going to diminish anytime soon! Again, there are a handful of great, great PC software houses that keep the PC alive! Even as I write this article – on a PC using Word – I am looking to purchase another PC to review the awe inspiring Reallusion iClone 6 Pro 3D animation and stills software! Apologies for the delay!

The Remix OS and the possibilities that come from PC hardware remind me of... ....can you guess? I will give you a clue... The clue is: ‘Female friend’. Did you get it? Do you know what I am thinking of? OK, it’s the Commodore Amiga!

Above: Microsoft Mobile Office is good but I have come to appreciate Google Docs and Slides especially! I think Jide is capable of creating better software applications still! I want to do eBook publishing for example! I want to output a presentation to APK! Why not? Yes, not use a WYSIWYG HTML5 web design app that exports to APK while we're talking APK? C'mon! Let's have it!

In my most humble opinion the Amiga computer was... Oh, you’ve read it before... Gosh, I do repeat myself a lot... But I have to say it again – for the purpose of this article... The Amiga computer was a great platform that could have been what the Apple computer is in today’s world of tech!

What killed off the Amiga?

1. The Intel Pentium took the world by storm and although the Amiga had loyal followers - that once included me – they were washed away in the Pentium PC tsunami!

2. There weren't any serious productivity software for desktop publishing; the software that was there had too many bugs and relied upon the nightmare that was PostScript technology! Thank you Adobe for PDF!

3. The CEOs were not able to steer the Amiga in right direction and on the road to longevity.

Oddly enough the company that bought the Amiga technology were way ahead in the desire to create a TV box set that never materialized for one reason or another. But the idea was there way back in the early 90s. It’s only lately that we now have set ups like Amazon TV, Roku, Now TV, Nexus Player and Chromecast.

Anyway... The point I am making is that the Remix OS is really nothing without a set of good software applications! I am still waiting for a solid video editing app on the Android platform. We are still lacking a decent DTP application that can output to eBook and / or produce documents for professional printing... No WYSIWYG web design application... Yes, there are a few half baked apps claiming to offer the above productivity but they turn out to be less than satisfactory or what I call “Ransom Ware” – if you want to use the better and most useful feature you have to make a purchase or purchases from within the app.

So far I feel that the music making apps on Android are very much on par with PC software – at least I can export to MIDI or WAV with some of them and therefore can import the results into my PC DAW if need be!

I really think that Jide should take the opportunity to do what Apple has done with the iWork set of software applications to accompany the Mac computers. If I am correct iWork consisted of a video editor iMovie, a word processor, web design program, Garageband music making software and Keynote – the equivalent of PowerPoint. I was looking into a Mac at one point.

Jide needs to give the consumer strong, compelling reasons to want a Remix OS PC! It has got to be able to utilize PC fonts!

I can’t see why Jide will fail to deliver what could be a major revolution in computing! I am envisioning amazing applications that can be accessed on the handset, tablet and the Android PC! It is possible that the Intel i7 CPU, for example, may prove to be so powerful that the mobile equivalents have to be “lite” versions... But there again if you look at what Google has done with the Photos app there is powerful productivity to be had!

I reckon Jide can do it... They can not only deliver the Android operating system for PC hardware but should be able to deliver a handful of vital core software applications that come with it! I have been dreaming of an Android PC for a long, long time now... The Samsung Galaxy Note opened my eyes to the power of Android! Come on, Jide! Let’s have it!

For more information check out the Jide website here: Jide Website

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