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Dear Synapse Circuit Readers!

You and I both know that there’s nothing on TV this year that you haven’t already seen before! If you love movies the chances are you already own the best ones on DVD or Bluray! Why watch ‘em again on TV and with commercial breaks in between?

C’mon, are you going to tell me that you will stuff yourself silly until you can’t breathe and pass out on the couch, are you? C’mon, that’s waste! I have an idea...

Yes, why not have a go at making some music or whatever it is you call it?

My love for music goes back to many decades – before I was even born! But I am very fond of Electronic music largely because it excites me to make a noise that defies conventional music. Yes, I like to experiment. I love Experimental music because it’s unpredictable. Sadly, Experimental music gets confused with Industrial. Industrial music is nothing but hard Disco pretending to be ‘Alternative’. But whatever turns you on!

You’d think that making music – as a non-player – would be difficult, but it’s not. Not really! You can use your ear and record what pleases you! Or you can use sample loops! Better still, you can use a combination of sample loops and whatever you fancy by the way of virtual instrumentation! I guess it may help if you have some musical knowledge however, you can hear that most music in the charts today does not have much by the way of musicianship! But some people like it!

There are many, many music software programs readily available and they cater for all different abilities... Here’s some of my favourite digital audio workstations (DAW):

Magix Music Maker 2013 Premium
This is the one that got me started quite a few years ago! I have used previous versions of Music Maker Premium and this version is the best yet! It is fully compatible with VST = Virtual Studio Technology which is software synthesizers and effects. Therefore, with VST, you can expand Music Maker Premium further! Oh, the standard version has VST compatibility too! But you get more functionality with the premium version!

What I love about Music Maker Premium is that it is so very easy to use! If you want to create your tracks using sample loops then it’ll do that to the max! If you want to make music from virtual instruments and effects then it’ll do that too! And, if you want to plug in your instrument – be it a mic, guitar and / or keyboard – you can do that too! There’s more good news! Music Maker Premium comes with loads of sample loops that will enable you to create many, many musical compositions! Music Maker Premium is a great all round music making software for all levels of abilities. Oh, it can import and edit videos too! Wow!

Synapse Audio (no, nothing to do with Synapse Circuit), Orion Studio
I love Orion Studio because it is geared towards professionals but remains so wonderfully easy to use! It’s got the lot! Built-in instruments and effects of a very high standard; the ability to record from the mic input of your soundcard and is VST compatible too!

In my opinion, Orion Studio is more flexible that Reason which is a closed system that doesn’t allow for the inclusion of VST!

I think the MIDI editor is the best that I have ever seen on within music software! The MIDI editor is clean and clear – you’ll always know where you are when you need to edit in fine detail!

Another thing that I appreciate is the ability to record every – almost every – adjustment of the virtual knobs and sliders on the virtual instruments and effects! This is called “automation”. Automation can make the music come alive! You will love it!

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And if you are interested, there’s more audio and visual software and hardware too! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the competitions!

Thank you for reading this blog!

Merry Christmas to you! Keep reading Synapse Circuit magazine!


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