Friday, 26 October 2012


CrazyTalk Animator! The best computer animation software on the planet! What? Don't believe me? Just wait until you get your hands on it! If you have children you might wanna keep it a secret... Ssssh...


The computer animation doors is a revolving door on spin cycle where groundbreaking Reallusion, the people behind the superlative CrazyTalk and iClone 2D / 3D animation programs have been working with Intel to optimize CrazyTalk for the forthcoming Ultrabook that allows for remarkable touchscreen intereface! Take that, iPad!

Reallusion had early access to develop on the Ultrabook and the company was able to kick-off development of CrazyTalk Animator for the touch capabilities of Ultrabook. “After you’ve created your character from a photograph, you can now work on the emotion using touch. It’s a lot like digital puppeteering. You can animate everything based on touch.”

The Ultrabook allows for much faster processing as well. “The changes a user makes are rendered in real time,” said John Martin, vice president of product marketing for Reallusion.

“Because of the mobility, people can use motion capture anywhere with our iClone software and Microsoft Kinect.”

Well, I have been very fortunate to have been able to review both CrazyTalk & iClone! I can tell you that computer animation is child’s play! I can also tell you that together with the Ultrabook, computer animation is going to take off! What will blow your mind is the absolute simplicity of it all! It’s so easy that it will frighten you! But don’t be afraid! Get animated!

Reallusion is looking forward to more innovation in partnership with Intel. “When you see the possibilities of digital photography and animation, it’s truly amazing.” said Martin.

I will bring you more info as soon as I get it!

As they say… Watch… this… space…

Thank you so much for reading!

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